Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hubby's Money

I always get the mail.  It's almost an obsession of mine.  I love it.  As soon as I get home, I get my daughter out of the car and walk to the mailbox.  Yesterday, there was a paycheck stub for my husband.  I often open up his paycheck stubs because sometimes there are real checks in there.  He is not a fan of me opening his mail.  In fact, this had lead to many fights in our household but I just have to know what's in there.  I refrained from opening his mail yesterday and low and behold, there was a check in there for $120.  At first, he said that he was just going to keep it but I thought that it should be deposited into our account because we are saving for our next house.  This morning he did leave it on the counter for me to deposit.

This is where I run into a bit of a moral dilemma.  I know that he would like to cash it and use it for personal spending money but he pretty much spends whatever he wants the way it is without regard to trying to save money.  I used to let him have "fun money" but he bought a $10,000 motorcycle this past summer and our current agreement is that he doesn't get any fun money because we are still making up that amount in our savings.  Should I feel bad about depositing the check into savings versus letting him cash it and do whatever with the money?

I should add that he fully supports us saving money for our next house purchase but he spends more than me on a regular basis and it annoys me. 


  1. Hey there, great blog you've got here.

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  2. I added you to my blog roll which I need to update badly!!!! (lol).

    As for your husband, there will always be someone in the realtionship that spends more money than the other. The key is to find balance and establish trust...

    I think that because you agreed that his fun money is eliminated due to the motorcycle purchase that it's joint savings account. but in the future, I think opening the mail together would be a nice compromise. That way he knows your not opening checks and taking them for your desires (or implying that you don't trust him) and then together you can decide what to do with the money. Maybe in the future half will go towards savings, 1/4 to him, and 1/4 to you for personal spending?

  3. Oh, your hubby needs to get over it. ;) I open my bf's mail too. It's not a prying thing; we're both just staying on top of stuff.

    I wouldn't feel bad about depositing it into savings. Your agreement makes sense, and I'm sure he realizes it.

  4. Sounds pretty fair to me. How did he pay for that 10k bike?