Saturday, October 9, 2010

October First Week Spending

This is a little more than a week but it goes back to the first of October.  I already have 4 no spend days!  Yay!!!  My goal is for 8 no spends this month but I can always exceed that!

Friday 10/1      Gas  50.03
                        Groceries  153.94
                        Eating Out  7.59
Saturday 10/2  Eating Out 22.00
                        Haircut  5.00
                        Groceries  12.00
Sunday  10/3   Groceries 19.60
                       Drugstore  14.68
Monday  10/4  No spend day
Tuesday  10/5  C-store  6.52
Wednesday 10/6  No spend day
Thursday 10/7  Groceries  17.14
                        Eating Out  27.41
Friday 10/8  No spend day
Saturday 10/9 No spend day
Totals     Groceries  202.68
              Drugstore  14.68
              Eating out  57.00
              Gas   50.03
              Misc.  5.00
The groceries are a bit high because I hit a bunch of sales and stocked up for most of the things we need for the month.  I will just have to buy produce, dairy products, and bread for the rest of the month.  Eating out was higher than I thought.  It didn't feel like we ate out much but I guess that lunches out really add up. 

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