Friday, October 15, 2010

Talking to Friends about Finance

Why is it that in real life I can talk freely to some people about money and not at all to others? 

I have 2 people that I consider very good friends.  One is my best friend and has been since we were about 10.  The other is a very good friend and we were actually roommates 3 different times before we were married.  I've known her since middle school and I know that she will always be there for me. 

I actually told Friend 1 about this blog so I know that she can and will actually be looking at what I have to say about money and personal finance.  (She's actually the only person in real life that I told about this blog. )  With buying a different place, I talk freely to her about how much it costs, what our payments will be, what we are putting down, and everything else.  She cares about money but is not interested in personal finance.  She didn't even know what a personal finance blog was before I told her that I'm starting one. 

With Friend 2, I told her that I thought we had a place lined up.  She asked me if it was for a good price and I replied that it was.  I described to her where it is and I know that she immediately went online and looked it up for the price.  I didn't tell her how much we offered or anything like that.  It annoyed me that she went online to look up the price and  I know that she did because she mentioned that she saw it online.  She has more schooling than me but makes less and I think that she's a bitter person about money.  She also has massive student loan debt because she refused to work in college.  It's almost like we are in a financial competition but we're not, right?

It's just interesting what a different dynamic you can have with friends about money.  Does anybody else have any experience with talking to friends about money and having mixed results?


  1. I tend to not talk to friends about money unless they ask pretty directly. I don't lie but I don't offer information except that I work for myself and general, vague info.

    I don't want them to think of me differently.

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