Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We're officially moving!

We are officially moving.  Things were a little bit up in the air for a bit because there was a discrepency with the acreage.  Our original contract was written for 19.65 acres.  The seller signed off on it and later came back and said the the acreage that he was selling was 17.49 acres.  WTH!!  We would not accept that because we already had a contract in place.  Our realtors couldn't work it out so yesterday my hubby met with the seller face to face.  Hubby agreed to the 17.49 acres with a $6000 decrease in the price and a riding lawn mower. 

We are hopefully closing on November 17 on 17.49 acres for $109,000.  Our mortgage payment should be peanuts so I'm super excited.  We will have to save money for when we build our house.  We will probably build in the spring of 2012. 

Our biggest concern is finding a solution for snow removal.  We get quite a bit of snow here and living in the country, it drifts pretty bad.

Lots of big changes ahead!

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