Monday, November 8, 2010

I heart Redbox.

This weekend was a local holiday, also known as deer hunting.  As I was left for the weekend alone with my daughter, I opted to rent a chick flick for both Friday and Saturday nights.  I went to Redbox where new releases are all of $1.07.  If I forget to return the movie, it is $1.07 for each additional night until the movie is paid for.  At that point, I get to keep the movie.  It has saved us so much money from going to Blockbuster or even Netflix. 

Does anybody else do Redbox?


  1. Are you using the RedBox codes to get free movies? Last year over April they did Monday movies for free, just had to enter in a code. They also will post various codes for a lot of different venues (like free movie at Walgreens for example). And you can use the codes once per credit/debit card. Since I have 4 different cards I'll get 4 free movies. =)

    Do a google search for "RedBox Codes" and you'll find a few sites that track and verify each code.

  2. Thanks, SS4BC. I used to get the Redbox codes on my cell phone but I haven't for quite awhile now. It's something worth looking into again.