Friday, November 12, 2010

Possible New Job for Hubby

My hubby is looking at a new job with the state.  He currently works in the trades and makes a decent living.  His company was bought out 2 years ago and now the management is terrible.  On Sunday night, he often won't know where he's working yet for Monday morning.  Sometimes, its 90 miles away and he needs to be there by 7:00 on Monday morning.  His manager sounds very disorganized and constantly pushes his guys for improved efficiency.  He wants them to be at the job and working 15 minutes before their scheduled start time of 7 a.m.  We think that this is ridiculous.  I agree that employees should be as efficient as they can but I also think its illegal to try to make people work before they're getting paid.

He applied for a position with the state working at a college.  It would be in a related field but not doing the exact same things.  We're not sure exactly what the position pays but it will be very comparable.  The awesome thing about this job are the benefits.  It would have an automatic 9% deposited into a retirement plan.  Health insurance for family would be paid in full.  There are a few other benefits too.  We are so optimistic because it is a state job so my husband should have veteran preference. 

Right now for health insurance, we both have it through our respective employers and our daughter is on my health insurance.  I weighed the options and this was the least expensive option for us.  Hubby pays $48 per month for him and I pay $320 per month for my daughter and me.  That would be $370 per month that we wouldn't have to pay for so even if there is a slight pay cut, we would be okay with that.

Hopefully, they give him a call soon.  Since he has military preference, if they give it to somebody else, they have to notify him via certified mail.

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