Monday, December 20, 2010

December Goal Progress

1.  Track Spending  Fail!!!
2.  Have 10 No spend Days  Fail!  (I haven't been tracking my spending).
3.  Make goals for the New Year--2011  Done!
4.  Add at least $500 to savings  Done!
5.  Pay the credit card in full--I paid our new home insurance and for the appraisal on it  Done!
6.  Close on our new house  Done as of 12/2!
7.  Get propane delivered for our new house  Done!  I called today to get it done. 
8.  Get Direct TV set up  Done!

It is so hard for me to track my spending.  Any tips?  I'm not sure why I suck so much at this.  I don't even have a prayer for keeping track of my husband's spending.  Of course, I know what he spends out of our checking account but cash dissolves in his hands. 

How does everybody else keep such good track of their spending?

1 comment:

  1. Moving into a new house is hard enough, but tracking spending takes time and work. You are probably tired from the move and all the holiday stuff that goes on. Give yourself a break, and start anew in January! :)!