Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter is Expensive

There are so many expensive things about winter compared to summer.  For starters, we needed propane to heat our house.  We ended up ordering 750 gallons at $1.66 per gallon.  That works out to be $1245.  We are also paying $40 a time for snow removal.  We now live in the country and aside from buying a plow truck, we don't have any options for doing snow removal ourselves.  It just keeps on snowing.  Twice last week and again the end of this week.  We also received a notice that they would like to reappraise our property for tax purposes.  An increase in our taxes is the last thing that we need.  I know that it really does even out as far as expenses go but it just seems like we're getting hit right now.  I need to be thankful that in the summer we won't have a water or gas bill. 

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