Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 Networth

Savings  42,627.97
Retirement  13,153.44 
Stocks  8,473.29
Liabilities                           Rate
Mortgage  87,078.83            4.25%
Student loan  7,491.97          4.5%
Car  18,600.00                     0%

We bought our house in December so from here I have a solid game plan of what we have and where we're going.  We have a few things to pay for in January including our recent propane purchase so I just hope that we go in a positive direction for January.  The retirement is mine alone.  My husband has a 401K and Roth IRA as well but I don't have access to the amounts in those accounts.  They total around 15K. 


  1. Your student loan is really reasonable at 4.5%

    I remember paying 5% and 7% on mine.

  2. awesome job!!! Everything looks amazing!

    Good luck in 2011

  3. Hey, do you have a contact email? I can't find it on your page, and i wanted to email you about something!

  4. Hi SP, my e-mail is Thanks.