Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 Unexpected Deposits

Yesterday when I opened my bank account online, I found a deposit for $1,078.90.  It was from my husband's previous employer.  I really thought that they weren't going to pay him for his vacation pay but they came through.  I earmarked $1000 of it to go toward our credit card this month.  I also had a deposit today from our flex medical account of $18.98.  This was the remaining balance of the $1000 that we had put into our flex medical account for 2010.  The reason that I was a little bit surprised is because it was for contacts that were purchased after my husband's last day of work.  The flex account was under his employer.  When I filed the claim online, I was honest about the date of service for the contacts.  I think that the claim was supposed to be before his last day but they may have counted his vacation.  Not too sure...

Tomorrow is payday for me.  I'm so excited.  This will be the first paycheck without health insurance coming out of my check.  Also, the amount of the deduction for social security will be going down 2%.  Yay!


  1. WOW, really glad you got the vacation payout!! That's a really big amount :-)

  2. What a great find! I wouldn't mind finding an extra 1,000 in my account! :)!