Monday, January 10, 2011

Direct TV = Terrible Service

We live in the country so cable isn't an option.  We decided on going with Direct TV because they had better HD options than Dish Network.  We were warned about their terrible customer service by my in-laws and my husband's grandpa.  They all said that we would be sorry that we went with them.  Well, after my half hour phone call yesterday, they are so right!

I called yesterday because I had a question about an HD channel.  It was answered in a very satisfactory manner (not the answer that we wanted but still very politely dealt with).  While I was on the phone with them, I asked if they had received the rebates we were eligible for.  They had to transfer me to billing.  That's fine.  After much ado, Lori in billing told me that the advertised price of $34.99 for the package that we got doesn't include some things.  There was $15 of items that were extra that we had--like an HD receiver and extra DVR.  Ok, I get that.  We wanted those things.  She then tells me that we didn't qualify for a $5 rebate per month for 24 months because we didn't do the rebates via internet.  I called in to do them because we didn't have our internet set up yet.  WTF!!!!!!!  I talk to her supervisor and he tells me that they're not able to change it now.  I tell him that I understand what he's saying but that this is completely shitty customer service!  I ask if we can listen to the recording from when we signed up for the service.  They tell me that I have to go online to request it.  I know that they didn't tell us that it was going to cost us $5 per month for 2 years if we didn't do the rebates online. 

$120 for our stupidity and I'm sure as hell going to cancel when our contract is up. 


  1. That would be extremely frustrating. would it cost less then $120 to cancel? it might be worth it to threaten to do it now.

  2. That is highly frustrating! I had DirecTV for a while and had tons of problems! Finally waited out my contract and headed over to DISH Network. Their customer service was horrible, but now that I work and subscribe with DISH I get awesome service. They are ranked number 1 in customer satisfaction among all satellite and cable companies and I see why! They upgraded my equipment to HD with ease and gave me HD Free for Life. I love it!