Sunday, January 30, 2011

February Plan

I'm going to participate in my limited spending plan for February.

  • $100 for me for spending money
  • $100 for Y for spending money
  • $100 for miscellaneous spending for month--oil changes, hair cut for daughter, etc.
  • $350 for grocery budget
My goals for the month are as follows:
  • Stick to above spending plan
  • File Taxes
  • Give will information to attorney
  • File for money on dependent flex account
  • Save at least $500

ETA:  Y agreed to $125 for February, not $100.  Oh well, this is still much better than what its been.


  1. Sounds like an awesome plan! I'll be cheering you on! :)!

  2. Thanks, Ladies! Keeping to a strict budget is kind of like not smoking. You have to be aware of it but it doesn't help to think about it all the time.