Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forgot My Checkbook

Today is my payday and I forgot my checkbook at home.  I know that I'm old-fashioned and still balance an actual checkbook instead of Excel but I like doing it that way.  I took it out of my purse last night and was calculating how much I would have after the bills are paid.  Of course, I didn't even think of it this morning when I was rushing around to get ready.

I want to know how much I will have after the paying our gigantic cell phone bill, car payment, Direct TV bill, mortgage and life insurance.  It used to be that most of our bills were due at the beginning of the month but it seems like they're mostly due at the end of the month now.  I think I prefer the beginning so I can get things paid right away.  I don't like waiting for bills at the end of the month.  Just a personal preference, I guess. 

Do you still use a checkbook or another computer program to balance your checking account?


  1. I absolutely use a checkbook. Actually I have two, one for my paychecks (my envelope money) and one for hubby's paychecks (for everything else). I often go online to balance the checkbook, but I still love the paper and pencil approach.

  2. I use a checkbook and balance it while checking my account online.

  3. I use Excel, but I tend to do a lot of calculations on paper too. I'm not sure I officially balance my checkbook...