Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 2011 First Week Spending

Sat 1/1  Snowplowing $120
Sun 1/2 No Spend Day
Mon 1/3 Smokes 5.02
Tues1/4  Sympathy Cards  7.04
             Car Wash and Snack  8.99
Wed 1/5 Gas 41.70
Thurs 1/6  Drinks 20.00
                Bowling 6.96
Fri 1/7  Eating Out 9.00
            23.23 Beer
Sat 1/8 Groceries 20.49
Sun 1/9 No Spend Day

Only 2 no spend days total this far.  If I count 1/1 as a no spend day, it would be 3.  I'm not sure to count snowplowing as an expense because its more of a bill that I have to pay regardless.  It was only that expensive that once because the guy who plows us out had to come over with a tractor and he was out there for about 2 hours. 

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