Monday, January 3, 2011

January 2011 Goals

  1. Track my spending
  2. Have 10 No Spend Days
  3. Pay off credit card
  4. Get tax information ready to take to accountant
  5. Finish will paperwork and make appointment with attorney
  6. Add $500 to savings
  7. Finish W-2 for my employee
I've already started tracking my spending for the month so I'm on pace there.  I'm not self-employed but with what I do there are a ton of tax write-offs for me.  It is a pain to have receipts and expenses organized enough to file.  We do not usually carry a balance on our credit card but I have to pay for the stupid propane this month.  The only money that I spent all weekend was on snow removal which was inevitable.  I didn't leave my place from Thursday afternoon to this morning due to two huge storms that were back to back.  It was a very boring New Year's.  To make matters worse, my husband was stuck at work so we didn't even get to smooch for New Year's. 


  1. Sorry about the smooch! If it makes you feel any better, I totally smooched my dog for new years. I'll try to not get too used to it! Anyways, I love your blog and will be adding you to my blog roll.

  2. Wow, I won't complain about our mini storm today then!! It started fast but ended fast too, clean up took about half an hour (my dad on the tractor). 2 back to back storms suck!

    Good luck with your January goals! Tracking is going to help you tremendously!

  3. Hubby and I were sick and in bed at midnight, no smooching there...

    Sounds like great goals for January...saving $500.00 is awesome!

  4. great January Goals!!!!! I can't wait until I am able to start saving that amount of $$$ !!!! Great job