Monday, January 31, 2011

January Goals Recap

  1. Track my spending --Pass--sort of.
  2. Have 10 No Spend Days Fail--not exactly sure.
  3. Pay off credit card--Pass!
  4. Get tax information ready to take to accountant   Pass (almost).  I still have some receipts at home but that's it. 
  5. Finish will paperwork and make appointment with attorney Fail--almost pass, very close!
  6. Add $500 to savings Fail!  We had to take $200 out of savings.  Hopefully better next month.
  7. Finish W-2 for my employee Pass
2 Passes, 3 fails, and 2 almost passes.  I know that almost shouldn't count but it kind of does in a way.  I will try to do better in February.

1 comment:

  1. not all passes, but more on the pass side then fail side ;) I would call it a success! better luck in Feb :)