Friday, January 28, 2011

New Health Insurance

Y started a new job the end of December.  We started health insurance with his new employer the first of the year.  I finally got my insurance cards this week.  My daughter needs her 18 month check up now so the cards came just in time.  I was looking at the coverage and its very good.  We have a $400 deductible per individual with a $25 copay per visit. 

We flexed $1000 for medical needs this year.  I hope that we use the entire $1000 for flex.  I'm not planning on getting pregnant or having any other medical issues.  (You can laugh here, who actually plans for other medical issues?).  I'm just concerned that the $1000 may have been too much. 

I did go to my chiropractor this morning and I had to pay $27.  $25 copay plus $2 for coinsurance?  I don't yet have the information for our flex benefits to turn in the copay.  Who knows when we'll get that.  We also flexed $5000 for dependent care expenses.  Last year we flexed the same amount but I set it up so that we got the amount that we were flexing weekly deposited into our checking account. 

I'm grateful that we have good health insurance and flex benefits. 

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