Thursday, January 13, 2011

Property Taxes

I met with the property tax assessor this morning.  He had sent us a letter requesting an appointment in December and I put it aside.  After talking to my sister about it, I decided that it would probably be best to call him for an appointment. 

He was very nice and just wanted to make sure that there hadn't been any changes to the property since we purchased it for about 60K more than its assessed at.  He had the year of our house wrong and the acreage slightly off.  He told me that it might increase our property taxes slightly.  Our property taxes are only $750 annually which I consider really cheap.  If they increase to $900 or $1000, oh well.  It's still a helluva lot cheaper than what we paid previously.

For the really good news (I think), he said that the property taxes were paid for 2010.  We had an acreage discrepency with the property and the previous owner had said at one point that he would pay for 2010 property taxes but that was never written into the purchase addendum.  In fact, at closing, we had a credit for property taxes because we were supposed to be responsible for the 2010 taxes. 

I tried to look it up online to make sure that 2010 taxes were paid but their site is antique and I couldn't get it to work.  I hope he was right and the property taxes have been paid.

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