Sunday, February 13, 2011

2nd Week of Feb. Spending

I'm doing okay this month with having a limited spending month.  Y is totally on board.  I do have $100 to spend on what I please this month.  I broke down and went shopping this week.  When Y saw my shopping bag, he asked me what happened to our no spend month.  It's nice to have his support.  I did have 3 No Spend Days this month. 

My goal for February was to stick to my spending plan--kind of a limited spend month.  Goals are as follows:
My spending $100
Y's spending $125
Misc. $100
Groceries $350

This is where I'm at:
My spending $58.43
Misc. $50.26
Groceries $155.03

Not too bad for halfway through the month.  I will have to watch my spending pretty closely.  Y and I both get paid this week and I can't wait. We still have money left in the account but are way below the $500 that I prefer to keep in our checking account. 

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  1. You are doing awesome! And I love how hubby is on board too!