Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Confession: Home Parties

I feel really crappy this morning because I had a moment of weakness yesterday evening and went to a home party.  For the record, I do think that home parties where a bunch of us women are invited over to buy overpriced things are a total rip off.  But, I have had them before and I never want the person that invited me to not have anybody show up so I usually go and end up buying something. 

Last night, I spent $62.32 on a fragrance warmer and baking dish.  I would never spend that amount in a store but I wanted to support my friend and the stuff was really expensive. 

It completely busted my budget so I'm now wondering what I should do about it.  I do have a stash of cash that is my fun money.  That money is around $450 and I could take the $62 out of it and not count it for this month.  My fun money is money that I've saved from Christmas, birthdays, etc.  But....I don't really want to because we do have money in our budget this month and I want to keep my fun money intact.  But...that's not really fair to Y who is participating in my limited spend month. 

Has anybody else experienced this?  How do you deal with telling a friend that you can't make it? 
Any tips on how I should treat this in my budget?

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  1. I was invited to a party just this week. After going back and forth I told my friend that while I would happily help her set up and clean up, I couldnt afford to buy anything.

    And you know what she was just fine with that.