Friday, February 11, 2011

Taxes and Miscellaneous

I met with my accountant yesterday to file my taxes.  The good news is that we are going to get a refund but not as much as last year.  Last year we got around $4000 back between federal and state.  This year it looks to be around $1200 which is still substantial but not anywhere near four grand.  Yes, I know that you shouldn't really want a refund because its an interest free loan but its practically impossible to calculate what we'll owe for taxes because we are both W-2 employees but I have a ton of business expenses.  In fact, I even have an assistant that I pay out of my pocket.  I need him because I wouldn't be able to do my job as well without him but its up to me to pay him.  I know that its messed up but it is how it is.  I'm not sure on the exact amount because I needed to get a couple things yet to my accountant.

I wrote last week about my broken glasses and the cost to replace them.  I knew that we had vision insurance through Y's work.  Without insurance, it would have been $158 for frames and lenses because they were running a special on the frames.  Get this, with insurance that covers up to $75 for frames, it cost $121.  WTH?  Apparently, my insurance doesn't allow for discounts on frames.  Yeah, whatever!  The $121 will be reimbursed by our flex medical spending money but still.  I was really annoyed when I found that out.

On a more personal note, my little sister is a drug addict and lives many states away.  A few days ago, she called my mom and told her that she was evicted and needed money.  Instead of sending her money, my older sister and her husband are driving down to get her.  I have my doubts that she will actually leave with her and go home with her.  I think that she called my mom because she hadn't talked to her for a long time and she thought that she could play her for some drug money.  Two months ago, she was living with a random guy.  I know this because I sent her pics of my little girl.  He's now out of the picture completely and she had her own place but got evicted?  Yeah, right.  I know how drug addicts work and they are conniving and ruthless.  Harsh, I know but true.  I didn't offer to put up any money for my older sister to go down there because I have my doubts that my little sister will go back with her and if she does, I don't think that it will last long before she's on the streets  again.  Time will tell.  I hope the best for my little sister but she's already making excuses why she doesn't want to leave the city she's in.


  1. Having a sibling who has an addiction is something I can relate to. It's a hard life for them, and in turn makes life hard on those who love them. I wish your sister all the best, and hope that your family can remain in a situation to not enable her. My prayers go out to you all!

  2. Thank you, Antie Eboo. I think that my sister thinks she is helping her but I worry about enabling her.

  3. I'm sorry that you are going through this with your little sister..I'm sure it affects your whole family. I hope that your older sister can talk some sense into her!