Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 Payday Month and Numerous Savings Accounts

March is a 3 payday month for me.  I love those.  They only happen twice a year but it just feels so good to know that I'm getting an "extra" paycheck this month.  I'm planning on putting the money in our savings account.  We paid for our full semi-annual car insurance this month so that will be a bit out of the third paycheck. 

I don't have numerous separate accounts for different things like insurance.  I know that I pay my car insurance twice per year and my home insurance once per year but I don't actually budget them every month.  I know that I will have the money in our general savings account so I don't see much of a point of putting it in a different account.  I know that I'm not going to blow our entire savings and I contribute regularly to our savings account.

When I waitressed, I would just pick up extra shifts when I had a big bill due and make it work into the existing budget.  I guess that I've never really gotten away from that mentality.  It seems like most PF bloggers have separate accounts for everything fom pet expenses to insurance but I just don't see the need. 

Any thoughts on numerous savings accounts?


  1. ND Chic, I only have one savings account too.

  2. We just have three checking accounts. One was mine & one was DH's before we got married. They are at the same bank, so we linked them together when we got married but kept the separate account numbers so that we didn't have to change as much. We put our gas & spending money in those accounts.

    Our third checking is our household bill-pay account and "savings". We have 1/2 of the bill amount deposited per check, and then most payments come out automatically. Then we deposit any extra to use as a savings account. The checks & debit card are kept separately, so we can access the $$ if we need to, but its not easy to.

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