Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Less Pay for Less Stress?

I applied for a job yesterday that would be less pay with a lot less stress than my current job.  It is still in the same industry but would be more servicing than sales.  It would be regular hours, 8-5, with benefits.  The pay is 32K but I could try to negotiate for more money.  I know that the company is open to negotiating for pay.  My current coworker's dad works at the company and I think that I could at least get an interview. 

I currently take home around $2500 per month.  We do not have health insurance through my job so that wouldn't be a factor in my decision.  I am currently in a sales job with very high expectations and quotas.  There is a lot of stress where I work now.  I am never actually able to take a vacation and my cell phone rings constantly with clients.  I also commute a long distance to work now and have to work some evenings/Saturdays. 

The new job would be much closer to my home and wouldn't be the constant stress of selling and servicing my clients.  We would be able to make it on less money but just might not be able to save as much money.

Would you take a pay cut for less stress and more time with your family?


  1. Without a shadow of doubt, 100% YES. Maybe that's just me and my priorities, but my sanity and happiness matter way more than money. I personally know and expect that when I have my own family, my career will most likely take a hit, because I that is something that means a lot to me. Everything else can easily take a back seat.

  2. Yes!! I was telling DH I wish we could afford for me to take another job. I say go for it, especially if it will make you happier.

  3. absolutely! This is why I stay home ~ I say go for it for sure! Less Stress will make you happier & live longer!!

  4. Sales is a very stressful profession. I'm sure you would be able to negotiate a higher salary with all of your experience. LESS stress means LESS doctor's bills....I definitely would!