Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011 Goals

My goals are as follow for April:

1. Track Spending
2. Increase Savings by $1000
3. Keep Grocery Budget to $400
4. Put $500 into Business Savings
5. Put additional $200 into Roth IRA
6. Do not complain/nag at Y for tractor repairs--This has become a thorn in my side.  I can't wait until there isn't any work left to be done on the stupid tractor.  It's a good thing that Y is handy and can do it himself.

In other news, I had a phone interview yesterday for the position that I talked about a few weeks ago and I think it went well.  She said that she would call back on Tuesday for face to face interviews.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Good luck with your goals and your interview.

  2. Good luck with your goals. The job interview sounds promising. As for the tractor, a new one costs a lot, and your husband being able to fix it himself is a big savings. It will save on snow removal and working up a garden

  3. Your goals looks good! I'm sure you'll nail your face to face interview, after a phone interview and they want to meet you can only mean good things. GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Thank you for commenting. Jan, you are so right. I need to remember that it will have plenty of uses.

  5. Just curious - how do you track your expenses? I used paper all last year and finally started using Excel spreadsheet. It makes a big difference what you can do with the data!

  6. I use paper. Not very high tech but its the only thing that I'm consistant with.