Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Careless with Money

My stomach has been in knots for the last few days with anticipation and worry about getting this new job.  I find myself being very careless with money.  I'm not really watching what I spend and am very good at justifying stupid purchases.  For instance, I went into the convenience store yesterday to buy cigarettes (I know, I shouldn't smoke but I have all this anxiety) and proceeded to buy a pop and candy bar.  That's about an extra 3 bucks that was completely unnecessary.  I was heading to my friend's house to have a beer.  I really didn't need a snack to eat on the 2 minute car ride there.  I bought lunch yesterday because I justified it by thinking that I just had to get away from my office.  Really? 

Does anybody else pinpoint situations that aren't good for their wallet?


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. Maybe you can give yourself blow money every month for purchases like that so you don't feel guilty about it? I justify my expenses all the time 9 out 10 times I don't need the things I buy :(

  2. When I stress, I engage in "retail therapy". And I know that I will do it, so I don't make myself feel guilty about it. That always seemed to make it worse and I would then do more "retail therapy". So don't be so hard on yourself.... you are not alone when it comes to dealing with stress. Good Luck,, I hope you get the job!

  3. It happens some days. Just go with it. It only becomes a problem when it becomes a habit. It happens to me almost all the time when I go shopping without a list. Especially when I see a gummy snack I like when standing in the checkout line. Hope you get the job and get past that anxiety.

  4. you poor thing - just be glad that you are just sticking to the little things to spend on & nothing huge like a new car or anything that you would really regret... good luck

  5. I'm sure we all have occasional unplanned splurges, and yours was pretty small. Like jpkittie said, you didn't buy a car or anything big like that.

  6. You diagnosed your need perfectly in the first sentence.
    Be gentle with yourself.
    All you don't need on top of it all is to add guilt.

    If spending helps relieve some of the pressure when it arises, then how about having 'a stress can' with emergency spending money (from being a first time reader it sounds like you are pretty disciplined in that area) to do as you please when such needs arise? (Or would the pre-planned structure take away from the high? :)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Sorry it was confusing. The first GUY post explained that he is a baby. (But I will go back and make needed changes-thanks). Sorry it was not some heated, take me away, passionate love story....for both our sakes.

    A stress can - maybe old coffee can decorated with wrappers of things you buy when feeling the 'binge'? Make a fun event out of it!

    Good Luck with the job!