Monday, April 25, 2011

New Credit Card

I received a call on Friday from my bank.  I had gotten a letter this past week about fees going on my US Bank accounts for about $12 per month.  The rep called me and told me that I wouldn't be charged because of all the different products that I have with the bank.  She also started talking to me about a credit card through US Bank.  I asked a couple questions and got off the phone with her.

I was thinking about what she said so I called my banker.  I have one banker that I always work and he is great.  He told me that I was eligible for a credit card that earned points, 1 1/2 points for every dollar spent and double points for certain things like gas or cell phone bill.  He also said that I could pay my credit card with a simple transfer from my checking account to the credit card because they are all with US Bank.  I did go ahead and apply for a new card with US Bank.

I currently have a cash back credit card that I like but its one point for every dollar spent.  I will be earning 50% more with this card.  If I could figure out a way to use this like our debit card, I would charge everything on it.  By that, I mean that I want to make sure that we have the money when the bill comes due.  If I could efficiently track my purchases and know that I have the money, I could just pay if off then.


  1. That sounds like an awesome deal and it shouldn't be that hard tracking your spending. I can't wait till I am eligible for a credit card. I want to take advantage of the different rewards so bad.

  2. good luck - it sounds like a great deal :)

  3. I have had a US Bank card for ages. Love it :) I track everything through Mint, so it categorizes for me no matter how the $$ is spent (CC, debit, check). Transferring money to the US Bank CC just takes a second, happens immediately, and is super easy.