Monday, April 18, 2011

Y selling motorcycle

Y and I have talked about selling his motorcycle.  He has two and we would be selling the older one that he doesn't ride anymore.  The plan when he bought his new one was to have me ride it.  However, I have a toddler and my in-laws (ie. babysitters) go to the lake all summer so that doesn't work out very well. 

His friend's sister came and looked at it last week and will hopefully buy it.  The price is $3500 with the sissy bar or $3300 without the sissy bar.  The sissy bar is the bar that would support the back of the passenger or that you can tie your bag to.  That was about $350 on its own.  I think that she does want the sissy bar.   Otherwise, Y can take it off and sell it on Craig's List. 

We had talked about using that money for a 4-wheeler but we're going to hold off on that until we have our house built.  Speaking of which, we should be getting a quote from a home builder soon who came highly recommended to us for his competence and competitiveness.  So, he's good and cheap! 

I also listed some books on E-bay.  I'm willing to sell whatever to get money for this house to be built.  We would like to have 100K liquid to build (that's another post).


  1. Good luck on selling the motorcycle! I've always had good luck with selling books on eBay.

  2. $100K liquid to build a house with? Wow, that's quite a goal. I can't wait to hear how you plan on doing that....

  3. I've had better luck selling books on Amazon than on Ebay since people go there specifically for that. Just a tip. :) I wrote a blog about selling on Amazon, check it out: