Friday, May 13, 2011

Budget = Peace of Mind

This month I created a budget and I've stuck to it thus far.  I'm entering everything into my Excel spreadsheet as we go and its went well so far.  My budget accounted for everything (that I'm aware of) and had some generous categories.  It's actually easier for me knowing that I'm on budget and that the money is there for certain purchases rather than worrying about it all month.

The only problem that I have with a monthly budget is when we get paid.  I get paid every other Thursday and Y is paid on the 15th and end of the month.  It seems like monthly budgeting would be easier if we both got paid on the beginning of the month.  Any tips on how to get better at that?


  1. When I was paid twice monthly, I paid half the bills on the 15th and the other half the 1st of the month. You're doing good with your budget!

  2. What you can do(you would need some extra cash to get started) is on the first of the month, send a lump sum of money(the entire budget) into one account and just take everything from there. Basically at the end of the month you should be sending money from all 4 salaries into one account.

    Better put, you would be creating a single payday out of your four salaries a month.

  3. I keep $2k in my checking accounts as padding so i can make my budget work and then replace the money when it comes in from my paychecks...

    I also make most of my purchases on my rewards CC so i can wait to pay the bill when my paycheck deposits