Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camping in the Badlands

We're going camping this weekend and I'm so excited.  We had to buy a tent ($54) and will still have to buy gas and food.  I know that it will cost us money but will be so worth it for the family time.  We're going with Y's BFF and his two boys.  It will be the first time that we will be camping with little Punk (that's how I'm going to refer to my daughter going forward.) 

We had a tent but Y broke it last summer at a motorcycle rally.  Apparently, he got really drunk and didn't see his tent there.  He tripped over his own tent and broke it.  He also didn't tell me about it until about a week ago.  What a dork!  That's why I don't go with on his motorcycle rallies.  (Full disclosure:  he was camping there, obviously, and does not drive/ride after he's been drinking.)

The Badlands are in Western North Dakota and we will be in Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  It should be beautiful and a way to reconnect with family, friends, and the outdoors.  I'm hoping for nice weather.

What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend?


  1. Oh, the badlands are so cool. We have driven through there and it is such an awesome sight to see. Hope you have fun.

  2. That should be fun! I went camping in the badlands once too. Only, we tried to sneak into the camp ground after hours and sneak out before they charged us. The friend I was with had this philosophical rule about not paying to camp. But we got busted and had to pay anyways. I love the long weekends. Have fun!

  3. Sounds awesome. Have fun. We don't celebrate memorial day where I live but I think I will go see a movie and kick back this weekend.

    @ Lady Mint - Lol. That seemed to made it even more fun

  4. I love that park! It's such a nice place - I was able to go there about 2 years ago, and it's really, really secluded. If you want to save some money, camp in sully creek state park, which is just down the road from the entrance to teddy Roosevelt national park.
    Here's my entry on the park

  5. Sounds like you will def. have a lot of fun. As for us I will be working Sat. :( but I have Sunday and Monday to sleep LOL. Have a wonderful and safe camping!

  6. That's awesome! I love camping!
    Have a wonderful time :) They don't have too many bugs there, right?

  7. I spent my younger childhood in the Dakotas. Our family homesteaded there, after they came from Sweden. We used to drive through there twice a year when we would go back to the home stead to see my dad. The last time we came through that park it was storming really bad. We went into the visitors center and a tourist came in and said that there was a rattlesnake blocking the door of the rest room. The park ranger was a young woman and she went white as a sheet. My husband had to go out with a snake hook and throw it over the edge of the ravine. We have rattlesnakes here, so it wasn't a big deal. Just a funny memory. The kids always say remember when we stopped at the bad lands and dad tossed the snake over the wall? The funniest part was that there was a reporter from the Associated Press at the park who wrote a story about a family of tourists with three young girls who were not afraid of snakes and how the father had saved the day. We were famous but no one knew who we were! Have a great Snake free weekend. Avoid tornadoes.

  8. Hope you enjoy the camping :)

    I'll be spending the holiday working (getting holiday pay and overtime) to pay for the wedding.