Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Regift Shamelessly

I have absolutely no qualms about regifting.  In fact, I think that its the socially responsible thing to do.  I put thought into it and I would never regift something to the same person who gave it to me.  I only regift something if it would be something that I would buy that person anyway.

An example of this is a pair of earrings that I got from my mother-in-law.  I know that she bought them at a jewelry party because she had/wanted to buy something.  They were fake little diamond stud earrings.  They looked very nice and probably cost around $30 or $40.  I thanked her for them and put them away with regifting them in mind.  The reason that I didn't want them is because I have an almost identical pair of real diamond studs that Y gave to me a number of years ago and I still wear pretty regularly. 

I held onto them for over a year when the perfect regift opportunity came up.  I was staying with my friend's parents in their camper and I wanted to get a small hostess gift for her mom.  I knew that she would like the earrings and she also doesn't know my mother-in-law.  I gave them to her and she was delighted. 

I think that it is more socially responsible to regift a nice item than to leave it in one's closet until who knows when and throwing/donating it.  I never regift to somebody who knows the original giver.  I only regift new and appropriate gifts. 

What are your thoughts on regifting?


  1. I am not sure I have ever regifted anything, but I am not against it. I very much don't like having things I don't use, so this is a good option.

  2. No problems what so ever. Not much different than if you decided to sell it. No point keeping stuff you are not going to use.

  3. I am a big regifter, too. My in-laws like to give us "stuff" that we really can't use/appreciate. I don't hesitate to pass things along to someone who I know will appreciate it more.


  4. I'm with you. Totally agree. I would not be offended to be given a regifted item either. Why have a perfectly good item that someone else would love sitting around my closet.

  5. I have no problem with regifting as well. If I receive something that I absolutely can not regift I will try to sell it or donate it.

  6. I regift, though I do feel a little bad about it. But this week I did a regift and the recipient loved it, so that was validating!