Thursday, May 26, 2011

Second Interview Today

I had my second interview today and I'm less hopeful that I will get this position.  I'm not exactly sure why I feel this way.  It went well but not as many questions as the first interview.  It was more giving me details on the position.  It was with the local bank president (whom I really like and feel a connection with) and the mortgage supervisor.  The mortgage supervisor was pretty straight forward, which I absolutely love.  I don't like people who only give you fluff. 

At my last interview, a week ago from tomorrow, I was told that they weren't actively interviewing anybody else for this position.  They told me today that they needed to meet with another interviewee tomorrow morning.  The bank president said she would give me a call tomorrow to let me know the status.  I'm confused as to whether it will be if I got the job or not.  She asked me if my employer knew that I was interviewing and I was honest and said no.  I guess that I will wait to hear.  It's just really hard to focus on my current job. 

On a more cute note, Lil Punk is showing interest in the potty.  She went running over to the bathroom today so I set her on the toilet.  She immediately turned around and flushed the toilet.  She didn't actually want to go on the toilet, just flush it.  I am eager to potty train her but I just don't know if she's ready.  It's definitely nice to see her interested in the potty. 


  1. No reason to feel less hopeful. Keep the faith up, for all we know the next interviewee might just have been a backup in case you had decided to turn down their offer. I wish you good luck.

    Having kids must be so awesome even if it comes with a tonne of stress, the amount of smiles you get will definitely be worth the trouble. I'd be dead afraid of potty training to be honest.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your not feeling hopeful about your 2nd interview, I'm sure it's just nerves and the anticipation of waiting for the outcome. You gave it your all and if they are smart they would pick you if not their lost! I wish you all the luck and hoping the 2nd interviewee flops :)

    I'm so happy lil one is showing interest in the potty. I think that is one of the hardest part of parenting.. boy do I not miss that at all ahaha