Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Autobody Work

This post is hard to write because it involves me admitting that I was wrong.  Last summer I hit a deer with my month-old car coming back from vacation.  Y wanted to bring it to a big, local bodyshop to get the work done.  My friend has an autobody shop and I wanted to bring it to him.  He had done work for me before and it turned out well.  He had also done work for a friend of mine and she had great results.  Y and I argued about it at the time and I won. We brought it to my friend.  He waived the $500 deductible and completed the work.  It was about 14K of damage to my car but it wasn't totalled because I had just bought the car.

I was happy with the work at the time and didn't have any complaints other than how long it took.  It took about 2 1/2 weeks for it to be done which I thought was excessive. 

Fast forward 11 months and I'm washing my car by hand.  I notice that there is a lot of chipping on the front bumper and hood of my car.  I contacted my friend to take a look.  I really wanted him to fix it free of charge because I thought that it was a bad paint job.  I also had him order the black plastic piece that attaches to the bumper.  Mine was ruined from hitting a curb and getting stuck in my driveway.  That piece was about $100.  He comes back and tells me that he can do the black piece and repaint the bumper for $525.  I had him go ahead and do it.

Y was really mad because I didn't talk to him about it.  In retrospect, I was wrong and I know it.  I shouldn't have had him repaint my car again because it will probably chip again.  I shouldn't have had him do the work in the first place because when I needed it warrantied, he just told me that I had hit a lot of rocks that had chipped my car.  I find that highly unlikely.  This was a very stupid financial move on my part and I wish that I could take it all back but I can't.  I made two mistakes by having him do it in the first place and then fixing it again for $525. 

I'm still a little sore about this.  I just paid him yesterday and picked up my car.  Yes, it looks nice and I really, really hope it stays that way. 

Have you ever had to step back and admit to your spouse that you were completely and utterly wrong?  It's hard, huh?


  1. that is tough - so sorry - I guess I can understand that you were stuck when you had him look at it the second time, I would have expected that he would fix it free b/c it hasn't been that long since he fixed it in the first place... Sorry :(

  2. Yes, I have had to admit I was wrong. Which is very hard for me because I'm always right:)

    I'm sorry about your car. I would be sore too. I would think he should have fixed it for free, but I understand how you feel stuck, because of your friendship.

  3. That's a tough one and I think you should have talked to Y first but the mistake is done and you recognize it for what it is.

    All you can do is apologize and move on and don't let it happen again. Try not to let it eat at you too long.

    Sucks it played out this way. I've been in a slightly similar position a few times but not really money related.

  4. That's a bummer! And yah, it sucks when your other 1/2 is right! ;) It's a bitter pill! ;) lol!

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