Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Backwards this Month

I have pretty much accepted that we will be going backwards this month due to my job change and a few unexpected expenses.  A few expenses that came up are a new deposit for Little Punk's daycare ($200), trees that were planted by the county ($300), fabric for the trees ($1100), repairs to my car ($250 ??).  I'm not even sure what else.  I just need to remember to look at the big picture.  My new job is well worth the sacrifices meanwhile.

Sharon commented on one of my posts about keeping so much in our liquid savings.  I've written before that we want so much in liquid because we want to build our house and we actually want to build most of it.  I just get so sick of trying so hard to save all of our money. Why can't we just live on what we make and not worry about saving money for the future?  That wouldn't be that bad, right?

ETA:  Tree fabric, or what I call tree fabric, is a course fabric that is laid down at the base of the tree so that weeds don't overtake the little tree.  The trees that we planted were little, around 1 or 2 feet.  With the fabric that is laid down, it gives the trees a much better chance. 


  1. I hear you! Sometimes I think, "Why bother saving for retirement? The chances are pretty good that I won't even make it there anyway. Why not just work and spend what I make and enjoy myself along the way?" But then, I think, "Well, I could make it to retirement and boy wouldn't that suck if I had no money to live on?" Then I just decide to be good and do what I have to do so we can get out of debt and really bank some savings for when that glorious day of retirement is upon us :)

  2. Some months are backwards, it is okay just keep working toward the goal. You will get there!

  3. Some months/weeks are like that. You just have to suck them up and try to do better next round.

    I am with you on the not having to try so hard to save, sometimes it takes so much out of you. I tell myself with time it will get easier and after some point I won't be worrying at all about it.

    And what is tree fabric?

  4. You'll be glad you saved money for the future one day. You're on the right track. It would be nice not to have to worry though.