Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Goals Recap

  • Have 10 No Spend Days Fail!  I didn't even track my spending.
  • Pay for Trees planted without dipping into Savings Fail!  It came to an additional $1400.  We had already paid $230.  I had to dip into savings to pay for it. 
  • Cancel some Life insurance Pass!  I cancelled 2 policies that I had taken out at my old job to get paid.  This is another entire post.
  • Cancel unneeded credit cards Pass!  I cancelled 1 credit card, my GM card, that I never used anymore.  Yes, I could've cancelled another 1 or 2 more but wasn't sure which ones. 
  • Eat down Pantry Fail!  This is another challenge for this month.
  • Keep Savings a Constant (Don't go backward) Fail!  With changing jobs and paying for the trees, there wasn't much hope of achieving this one. 
I didn't do so hot this month but I achieved one huge goal that has been on my list for a year.  I got a new job which I totally love.  I feel better than I have for so long.  I was kind of depressed before and I just wanted to sit at home when I wasn't working.  I wanted to be home Friday night and all day on Saturday and Sunday.  It wasn't the healthiest situation but it is over now and I'm so excited to have the best summer of my life.  I really do feel like I'm having the best summer ever.  I don't even think that money is the most important thing in my life anymore and I used to feel like that.  I'm so blessed.


  1. You know, sometimes saving money is just plain hard! I hope July is a better month for you.

  2. 2/6 is better then 0/6 ---just put them in your goals for july ;)

  3. It's great that you now have a new job that you love and that you're happy. I think it will make a difference in your financial life too. Enjoy your family and the days of summer.

  4. You are blessed. You can't put a price on happiness(you should still have a budget though).

    Nice going but I think the job switching had a lot to do with achieving the other goals. It's going to be a great last half of the year for you.

    Hakuna Mutata