Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making a Few Phone Calls Pay Off

I had an invoice with E-bay for $17.79.  I knew that I owed $2.75 but I couldn't figure out where the other $15 came from.  I called them last night and was on the phone for 30 minutes.  I was transferred 3 times but in the end, they took care of the $15. It was a fee from them trying to debit the wrong bank account.  I thought that I had set it up so the invoice would come out of my PayPal account but for whatever reason it hadn't went through.  They were very nice on the phone and the end result was in my favor.

The other call I made was to DirectTV.  I needed to change the account that our payment was coming out of.  That wasn't a problem.  I also needed to drop the HD package channels (not the regular HD but 5 channels that we never watched.)  I had added it because it was a 3 month promotion and we never did watch those channels.  I had forgotten to cancel before the promotional period ended.  They cancelled it as of the date that I called.  I also mentioned to the rep that we had a receiver that we aren't using.  We had planned to use it for the TV in our bedroom but its currently under our bed.  He said that we could put the receiver on vacation and not have to pay for it.  Only $6 per month but still a savings for me.

I saved $21 yesterday for a couple phone calls.  Yay!  Baby steps!


  1. Congrats and not only did you save, you trimmed away some unnecessary fat(extra channels and receiver) in the process. Most people wouldn't bother that much with those things.

  2. That reminds me... i need to make a few phone calls myself... We want to change up the appetizer trays for the wedding... and I need to pay for the order.