Thursday, June 9, 2011

Menu Plan Progress

I went grocery shopping last Friday armed with a list that I had made the night before after conferring with Y on what meals he would like for the next 2 weeks.  It actually made grocery shopping much easier because I pretty much stuck to the list.  I say pretty much because I won't pass up on a good sale because its not on my list.  I also had to add some snacks in.  I spent $160 for groceries for 2 weeks which is right on par with what I would normally spend.  The difference is that I bought quite a bit more meat than I normally would.  I hardly ever buy meat so Y will get fed up and just go buy it.  Kinda weird and I'm not really sure why I do that. 

The problem with it is that I haven't made any of the meals that we had planned on.  I have still cooked but some how managed to make other things that just sounded good.  I still have the ingredients to make the meals we planned.  I guess that this menu planning is a work in progress.  I can definitely see how one would save money by menu planning and grocery shopping accordingly. 


  1. I always spend less when I follow a menu and list. If only I could be more consistent!

  2. If you still have the ingredients you are doing great cause that means you can still prepare meals for at least one more week without going grocery shopping.

    Even if you plan meals you don't have to plan them right down to the day, you can just plan for a week and then each day just randomly make something from the list.

  3. I stopped planning each day's meals for this reason. Unless there is a specific reason to make a meal on a certain day (e.g., a very busy day and evening activity equals slow cooker meal) I just have a list of a few meals for the week, and cook the ones I feel like when I feel like it. We are big leftover people too, so I don't cook every single day. You'll figure out what works for you :)