Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Garden Update

I am absolutely loving having a garden.  So far the only veggies that we've eaten out of it are radishes and onions.  The weeding has been a huge challenge for me.  I can definitely see why serious gardeners get a tiller to take care of the weeds. 

I have huge aspirations about canning.  I plan to definitely make pickles and spicy canned green beans.  I mentioned to my neighbor who does a lot of canning that I would need to get jars.  She picked several up for me at a thrift store for a couple bucks so I should be good there.  I will need to get a pressure cooker yet but I would like to find one at a garage sale or a thrift store.  My problem is that I rarely shop thrift stores and I never stop at garage sales unless I see that they have kids' stuff.  I will have to be better about that.

I had to buy a new hose for my garden so I'm probably around $75 in at this point.  I know that I will at least get my money's worth but I just love growing my own food.  There is a satisfaction about it.  So far it has been a great hobby and I look forward to the rewards.


  1. Trust me it is worth it. The first year you always have the most weeds. It takes a while to clean the soil.

  2. right there with you!!! we love our garden - we have a new area to our garden (well it is separate from the garden) we started a pumpkin patch! and we are trying our luck with corn!

  3. A hobby you love and reap rewards from is an awesome hobby. I may do this when I get my own home.