Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Job Orientation

I had orientation at my new job today and went over everything HR required.  I found out about my benefits.  The retirement benefits rock.  They match dollar for dollar up to 5% in their 401K.  I'm eligible for the 401K after 30 days.  In their 401K, they also offer company stock which is not sold publicly but is supposed to do very well.  I will have to do some research on it.  I will also have an ESOP after 1 year with the company.

I will also have 1X salary of life insurance at no cost with the option to buy more for myself and family.  I have short term disability at no cost and long term disability for under $5 per month. 

I am also offered medical and dental insurance.  I won't be taking the medical insurance as we have that through Y's employer at no cost.  We did have dental insurance through my old employer because it was pretty cheap.  Dental insurance through my new employer will be $21 per month.  I know that its kind of expensive but I'm still going to take it because Y might need more dental work.  He had some areas to watch when he went to the dentist last time.  I am more willing to pay the 21 bucks per month than chance having to pay for a root canal down the road. 

Also, my new employer actually reimburses me for travel for training.  My old employer would pay for the hotel and we always had to room with another employee.  Now, I get my own room and they reimburse for the room, mileage, and meals.  Yay!

Sidenote:  I'm not able to comment on a lot of blogs now from my home computer.  I'm not sure what's going on.  This computer is really old, about 6 years.  I miss commenting on some of my favorite blogs.  I'm sorry. 


  1. Wow, those benefits sound pretty great! I hope you'll take full advantage of the 401k match

  2. Sounds really good.

    I read on another blog somewhere that a different browser (maybe chrome) fixed the commenting problem for someone else. HTH

  3. I don't think $21 is a lot. Wait, is it a lot? I just looked ours up, we pay almost $32 a month. Ours is not really negotiable as it's through the military.

    The benefits sound wonderful.

  4. That 401K plan sounds great! I'm jealous, our company doesn't offer a match :(

  5. Awesome job and even better is how happy you seem to be.

    Those benefits certainly do rock so there is nothing to really bother about.

    Not sure what your commenting problem could be related to but you could try Little Lambs advice. I for one can say I sure do miss your comments.