Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spending Out of Control

We tend to spend more in the summer because we can actually get out and do stuff.  This summer has not been an exception.  I touched on some irregular expenses in an earlier post and they just keep on going. 

I don't save for specific items like vacation.  We have our savings that covers what we need it to.  I prefer doing that because it gives me a better overall of where we're at.  I don't like it when we have a large planned expense like car insurance or vacation because they creep up quickly.  Y is going on vacation with his friend the end of this month to the Black Hills and a motorcycle rally. 

We had a misunderstanding about how much it would cost.  I thought he told me to budget $400 and when we just talked about it, he said he was thinking $600.  I'm hoping that he will spend less than that but I will plan for the higher amount. 

I'm not complaining about the expenses because we've okayed them but everything just adds up so quickly. 


  1. I saw your post heading and I immediately was thinking to myself that My spending is out of control too!

    I love the Black Hills! Such beautiful scenery.

  2. It's happening to me too but I think mine is actually due to me not planning properly but you can only plan so much for unplanned things and outings.

  3. $200 is not too bad of a difference, but it can be when unexpected! Summer has always been a budget breaker for me too.

  4. I have a hate and love relationship with summer. I love the weather but I hate the spending. I hope Y can manage to go on a much lower budget :)