Friday, June 24, 2011

Superior Customer Service

The middle of May Y set up garbage service with Waste Management.  Previously, he had been hauling the garbage into the dump for a fee of $15.  He usually went about twice a month.  It wasn't a problem in the winter because we would just put the garbage in the garage in a can.  It didn't smell because it was cold.  We knew that we needed to set up a garbage service and we had one option, Waste Management. 

He called them to set it up and it was a very smooth process.  They dropped off the garbage can and picked it up the following week.  We received the bill and realized that we had been charged for one extra week.  We had been charged from the date that he set it up instead of the date that we got the garbage can or the pick up date.

I had meant to call them to ask if they would pro-rate it differently but I hadn't had time.  They conducted a random survey via phone with Y.  He said everything was good but mentioned the one week that we had been charged for before we were getting the service.  They are going to credit us one month free.  That's awesome and superb customer service in my book. 


  1. that's awesome! good job for making sure you told them about it instead of just paying it!

  2. It's great when a company does something stand up like that. Doesn't cost them anything and it means a lot to the customer.