Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I don't have much to relate that is different finance wise.  I thoroughly enjoyed last week.  I only worked one day for orientation.  I'm working this week  in a city about 3 hours away for training.

I had a great weekend with Y and Little Punk.  We went kayaking for the first time this year.  It is the first time that we've taken Little Punk in the kayak and she did great.  She kept leaning over to try to touch the water.  There were a couple times that she tried to stand up but overall she did well.  After we were done kayaking, we stopped at a drive-in and sat outside and ate burgers.  We then went over to visit a friend who was camping nearby. 

The only money we spent yesterday was for life jackets for myself and Little Punk.  We will have the life jackets for future uses.  I guess that we spent money on dinner at the drive-in to the tune of $17.  It was nice to hang out and not worry about going to a crappy job on Monday. 


  1. Sounds like a special day of memory making. It's good you don't have to be stressed about the coming work week.

  2. sounds like a fantastic weekend! So glad it was a nice one :)