Friday, July 1, 2011

$3600 a Month in Subsidies!!!

I have compassion for some areas of Minnesota that have been cut due to the state government not agreeing on the budget.  However, this lady is receiving $3600 a month in child care subsidies for her 8 children.  No wonder the state is broke.  You've got to be kidding me.  How do you have 8 children that you can't take care of?  She's receiving $3600 a month in subsidies just for her kids.  How much is she making?  Minnesota has gotten too liberal for its own good. 


  1. I am all for multiplying and replenishing the earth, but if you do so you had better have the money to care for the critters!

  2. I read that story in our paper this morning and I had the same reaction as you. $3,600 a month in child care? That's a month's pay for most hard-working folks. Something is way wrong with that picture.


  3. That's just insane... there should be a limit on stupidity...