Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling Ho-Hum About Annual Goals

I just feel blah about my annual goals.  I've tried to reevaluate them and possibly change them for what would motivate me.  I'm lacking motivation.  We're halfway through the year and the beginning seems so long ago and the end seems so far away. 

Will we ever have enough money to build a house?  Maybe I just need a good night's sleep :)


  1. Annual goals are a challenge to stick to because life changes soooo much over the course of a year!

    Don't beat yourself up over it :)

  2. You probably do just need a good nights sleep.

    What you can do also is just look at your progress so far and then make a prediction to what you believe the rest of the year looks like.

    Also focus on the good things you have achieved thus far like getting a new job.