Monday, July 11, 2011

Five Things

I stole this from TeacherFinance

Five Things I'm Proud Of:
1.  I have my bachelor's degree.  I took 4 years off after high school so it was super special to me when I got this.
2.  My daughter, Lil Punk.  I love being a mommy.  She turns 2 this month.
3.  Living a Non-violent Life,  I grew up with violence and I have completely renounced that life. 
4.  Donating my hair, I'm in the process of growing my hair out for the third time to donate it to Locks of Love.
5.  Working at a for profit that gives millions back to the community

Five Things that I wish I did better
1.  Decorate
2. Organize
3.  Boring Sex--I like the mind-blowing kind but it would be nice to be better at the boring kind.  haha
4.  Have more compassion for deadbeats.  I don't know their story so I shouldn't be judging.
5.  Blog

Five Times of Year I love
1.  My birthday, I will unabashedly plan my own party and have fun the entire time.
2.  Lil' Punk's Birthday, it just reminds me how special I am to be her mommy
3.  Christmas, I love getting together with family and friends to commemorate the birth of our Savior
4.  Fourth of July, grilling, fireworks, lake, family, etc.  Love it!
5.  Halloween, I love dressing up and getting candy.  I get to dress up Lil' Punk now, too.


  1. I wish I had finished my bachelors degree..but childbirth 101 got in the way. I think it's a GREAT accomplishment, and sometimes it helps to take some time off to really appreciate it!

    I'm really glad you do not have violence in your life anymore. I just can't even imagine.

    Easter is my favorite holiday, for sure! LOVE the spring and of course, chocolate! :)!

  2. Lol. Great post and I think you are better at blogging than you give yourself credit for.

    Also I had to say something about the boring sex lol. Then again I will just laugh lol

  3. This is a cute post, kind of a get to NDChic a little better post :)

  4. Hehehe! Neat post. I think it's pretty amazing that you donate your hair, your hair must grow faster than mine!