Monday, July 18, 2011

Grocery Challenge Progress 7/18/2011

My grocery challenge for July is proving to be quite challenging.  I’m still under my original $250 budget at $172.14.  We shopped last week and bought too many drinks and goodies.  I have noticed a real pattern with buying drinks.  We spend so much money on soda, energy drinks, juice, water and milk.  With the exception of milk and water, we could cut out the others.  However, I’m just not willing to do that.  I love my soda.  We buy water because we have well water and it tastes like complete crap.  We also haven’t had it tested so I’m not exactly sure if its healthy to be drinking it. 

Amazingly, we still have quite a bit of food in our pantry.  You would think that it would be empty but its not.  We also have a lot of food in our freezers.  We even have a frozen pizza left in there as well as frozen entrees for our lunches.  We have a slew of venison brats.  We took about 60 pounds of venison (deer meat) into the local butcher and had cheesy brats made.  They mixed the venison with equal parts pork so we still have a lot of venison brats. 

I have been eating quite a few veggies our of my garden.  So far, we’ve eaten peas, radishes, turnips, and lettuce.  It’s all been very good.  I’m looking forward to fresh tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.  I can’t want to start canning and pickling.  Having a garden has helped out our grocery budget but its probably not worth it if you consider the hours that it takes to plant and maintain.  I enjoy gardening and plan to continue doing it. 

I need to stay strong the last half of the month to sustain our low grocery spending this month.  How are you doing mid-month with your grocery spending?


  1. You're doing well! I'm finding July to be a long month but all it not lost yet!

  2. you can do it! you are still under - just keep it there!!!

    we are doing awesome with our groceries this month --- but I don't have a choice --- when I budget an amount for groceries, I only take that much with me to the grocery to spend :)

  3. You are totally rocking the grocery budget.

    I love sodas as well but I try to buy drink mix to save money. When I run out, if I don't get to the supermarket I end up buying a whole lot of sodas. Like this past week.

  4. I know this post is from forever ago but I'm back-reading trying to catch up.

    I try not to drink a lot of soda pop but that doesn't always happen. I stock up around holidays when pop is the cheapest. With the Super Bowl coming up you ought to be able to find some good deals!

    We're on well water now and it taste's great but the previous house we lived in had a high sulfer content and the water tasted horrible. To save money we bought one of those water dispenser things that you put the 5 gallon jugs on. It's a lot cheaper to refill than the bottles but of course there's the initial investment of the dispenser and a few bottles. Just a thought.