Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Much do I Pay a Babysitter?

I have a babysitter for Saturday night.  She is coming at 8:30 and drives herself.  I love it!  I asked her if she had a rate that she charged and she said no.  She came recommended by my neighbor and I asked her how much she pays her.  She said that for her 2 kids, she pays $5 per hour.  If her third kid is there, she adds an extra 2 or 3 bucks per hour.  I only have one kid and she will be close to bedtime or in bed at that time.  I don't believe in shortchanging her because I hardly ever get babysitters and I want her to be available the next time I need one.  I would rather pay extra now than be cheap and have her never want to come back. 

Any advice? 


  1. Well my daughter gets 12.00 an hour for the three little boys she watches. I know that when she babysits occasionally for another mom who has one kid she gets 10.00 an hour. But that is the going rate around me.


  2. I would do at least five, if not more. I tend to think at least minimum wage...whatever that is in your area. :)

  3. how long will she be there? I typically would pay $10 for the first hour & then $4 - 5 each additional - with her driving herself, you want to make sure that it is worth it for her to come with the price of gas!

  4. we get a sitter every other Friday for 3 hours and I pay 25.00 and that for 1 6 yearold already in bed

  5. I would say from 8-10 dollars an hour would be reasonable given that she wouldn't have to do much since baby will be in bed soon?

  6. I know I am a bit late on this one but I think it should be nothing less than minimum wage. A bit more if you can afford it because I believe in paying top dollar for good help, in this case especially since you are paying someone to look after your daughter.

    Since your neighbor pays $5 for two kids I think you could pay at least the $5 even though she will have less work, she is driving herself.

    I don't think you should over shoot the $5 since it can create tension between the feelings she and the neighbor has about how much she gets pays.

    I realize my thoughts can be conflicting each other but I hope you gather something from them.

  7. I'm late as well - but agree with the others. You should pay at least minimum wage. You want the person babysitting to be attentive and caring - not resenting you the next time they come.

    Maybe you could do $10 an hour for waking hours and $5 for sleeping hours plus a $20 bonus or something if you're late? I always hated it when parents were late.