Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 2011 Tidbits

My daughter turns 2 the end of this month so our daycare should be going down by $1 per day.  Its not much but I will take it.  I’m so happy with her new daycare.  I don’t pay for holidays that they are closed so it is about the same price or even cheaper.  I paid $120 per week before and I now pay $25 per day now.  I’m not sure if I have to pay for days that she is sick and doesn’t attend or not.  I would think that we do have to pay for those days but Y seemed to think not.  He’s the one who initially set Lil’ Punk up at this daycare so they may have told him that.  I will check on that.

I paid an extra $50 this month on my student loan.  My initial goal for 2011 was to get it below $6000.  It now sits at $6973 but my payment hasn’t hit yet for July.  That will bring it to just under $6900.  Assuming the other regular payments for this year, it will be at $6500 approximately.  I think that I’m going to leave my goal of under $6000 for the year.  I had thought about aiming for $5000 or under for my student loan this year but I think that may be stretching it considering my other goals for this year. 

We went kayaking on a nearby lake last night with friends.  We already have our kayaks and gear.  We picnicked at the lake.  I brought sandwiches and my friend brought grapes and chips.  I didn’t go to the store to buy anything special for the sandwiches.  I used turkey that I already had and egg salad.  I also had one peanut butter and jelly for Lil’ Punk but it turns out that my friends’ kid wanted that to.  I really like hanging out with friends and just doing whatever.  It’s nice not to have to worry about being on your best behavior or making something fancy.  We had a really good time lazily kayaking and swimming in the lake.  It was a late night as we didn’t get home until 9 pm but there are only so many warm summer nights. 

I really like leaving comments for my fellow bloggers.  I like for you to know what I’m thinking or offer a couple words of encouragement.  I’m not able to comment when I have to log into Blogger because my computer is older than dirt.  I have my comments set to where anybody can leave a comment with their name/URL.  I would encourage more of you to do that so I can leave you comments.  I appreciate all of the comments that I get.  I know that I often don’t comment on your comments but I am grateful that you took the time to put your thoughts onto my blog. 

We’re having a freakin’ heat wave here.  Soooo hoootttt!  Lovin’ it!


  1. It's pretty hot here too! And kayaking sounds like a great way to spend some time! Gotta love summer!

  2. It's hot where I am too. The heat index was 106 again today and it's unbearably humid. I know some people like humidity, but I'm not one of them. The kayaking sounds like fun. You're making good memories.

  3. Kayaking does sound fun. We are going canoeing tomorrow. I have never been before. I am so excited.

    Yay to somewhat cheaper daycare!

  4. great on the lake/kayaking!!! what a fun night!!!

    great on the day care too!!! :)

  5. Every morning, I'm excited to log onto my blog just to see who has commented and what they have said. Even if it's just 'Hi', I know someone has been there and read my dribble. :)

  6. bit by bit on that student loan! That's how Jordan and I paid off mine as well - every extra couple of bucks was thrown on the loan until it was decimated.

  7. July seems to be going great for you. I get heat all year round and people complain but after traveling to a cold climate twice I realize I love the heat more than I love the cold.

    I also feel the same way as you about commenting so I understand. Hope July continues to be awesome for you.