Friday, July 8, 2011

Pantry Challenge: Harder than I Thought

I went to the store yesterday after work armed with the grocery ad, coupons, and a short list.  I wanted to get fresh fruit, veggies, soda, bacon, cheese, and frozen entrees for lunch.  I know that you're probably wondering why I would be buying frozen entrees when they are much more expensive than unprocessed food.  I wanted to buy them because at $2 apiece they are much cheaper than eating out and they are convenient.  In the morning when its completely hectic trying to get Lil Punk up and out the door, I can just grab them and go.  It added up much quicker than I thought it would.  This is what I bought with the prices I paid.

Bananas 1.72
Pears 1.58
Asparagus 3.41
Tomatoes .63
Potatoes 5 lb. 3.99
Milk 3.89
Bread 1.69
Cheese Slices X 2 3.00 total
String Cheese 3.22
5 Frozen Entrees 10.00 total
Juice X2 3.76 total
Juice boxes 2.50
Canned beans .79
Bacon 1 lb. 1.99
Ham lunch meat 2.69
Soda case 4.99
Baby wipes 4.99
Laundry detergent 1.99

You can definitely look at my purchases and comment that I shouldn't have bought certain things like the juice and soda but we really like them and I don't know if I'm willing to cut them out.  I don't think anything else is extravagant.  I need to just stay out of the store to keep to my $250 July grocery budget.  I will try to plan the dates of my next grocery trips.  I'm thinking around July 17th and 26th.  To date, I've spent $64.67.  I'm going to need to be very careful to stay within budget. 

Any tips?


  1. Actually I still buy a lot of that kind of stuff. I like them too. I buy chicken nuggets and juice and those kind of things at all my trips.

    I don't know what's left in your pantry but it seems keeping in budget shouldn't be too difficult for the month.

    I think you are doing great.

  2. I think it is important to be aware of what is being spent at the grocery store. Before I joined your challenge... I would just get what I wanted or what ever looked good and toss it in the cart. There was very little planning or thought involved. NOW...... I am more AWARE of what I have on hand, I write down what I need and then I REMEMBER to take the list with me. And more importantly...I use cash. You will do a great job on the challenge. If you happen to go over a wee bit, it is okay :).

    Regarding soda purchases: We buy coke products and then I submit the MyCoke Rewards codes online to accumulate points. You can use the points for many things, and this year I will be using them for magazine subscriptions for Christmas Gifts.

  3. I actually think you did pretty good! What kind of bacon do you buy that costs only 1.99 lb? That's a great price!

  4. Sharon, it was Oscar Meyer. It was just on sale which is why I couldn't pass it up.