Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July 2011 Goal Recap and August 2011 Goals

  • Stick to grocery budget of $250 Sort of pass.  Over by $27 but still pretty good.

  • Save $1000 Pass!

  • Cash in USBank rewards Pass!  I cashed in $100 in credit card rewards.

  • Empty Paypal account Pass! 

  • Close bank accounts;  get to 2 banks, ING and the bank I work at.  Somebody asked me why I would bank where I work, none of my co-workers can see any of my banking information.  They can only see my name and address, not my balanaces or which accounts I have.  Sort of Pass!  I am down to my work, ING and still have our old primary account open.  Not everything is switched over to our new account.

  • August Goals
    • Save $1300
    • Stick to grocery budget of $400
    • Pay an extra $150 to my student loan
    • Have all bills paid with the 15th checks
    • Can
    • Get propane


    1. awesome job last month & great goals for this month!!

    2. You did fantastic. Hope August goes just as well.

    3. Wow you are super woman with these goals and budgets. I can sure learn a thing or 2 from you. Way to go on the savings!

    4. Good going and I hope August is even better for you.

    5. I'm trying to save money this summer, but we need to travel & these airline fees are so outrageous! Even if I find cheap airline tickets, the fees add another 30% to the cost!