Sunday, November 6, 2011

Forgo Grocery Shopping Trip

Lil' Punk and I didn't go with Y on his hunting trip because she was sick on Friday and yesterday.  She had a fever of 102 that wouldn't go away.  She is much better today and I'm feeling a little cabin fever.  We need milk so I thought that we would run into town to grab milk.  Then I started looking through cookbooks and started a grocery list.

I went shopping last weekend and stocked up on the things that we needed.  I spent $150 last weekend.  I decided to skip the grocery trip today and called Y and asked him to pick up milk.  I decided that if I went to the store today it would be at least $50 and I didn't need to spend the money.


  1. Isn't that the truth. You run in for one thing and bang you spend $50.00. I just try to stay out of stores most of the time. Weekends are hardest, as hubby is home and wants to go do something. I wish he would go hunting. But he left me to cut up and clean so many deer and antelope and elk that I refuse to do it anymore. The last elk he got I was just too busy to help. It about killed him. But I do remember having a baby and the day he shot the largest Buck on Wyoming record and he had to hang it before he would take me to the hospital 40 miles away. Three days later I came home to a buck in the front yard and it had turned extra warm. I stood for 6 hours and cut up a buck he could not do himself as he had a concert in Cheyenne and a private plane was picking him up at the airport in Riverton (he is an excellent violinist) I have never forgiven him and I absolutely refuse to help at all!!!!!!! I will eat it however. Nero learned his lesson, if he shoots it, he processes it consequently he doesn't hunt anymore.

  2. Ohh I hope Lil Punk gets better. Poor thing, worse part of being a parent is when your kids get sick.

  3. It's good to read she is doing so much better now. Sorry to hear she was sick and you missed the hunting trip.

    You made a good call on the milk but I do hope you at least went out for a walk(if that is possible) I forgot it is only sunny all the time where I live.